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K Wart

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The Clinic Lahore offers Luxorian K – Wart with 10% KOH Solution that helps to remove warts on the skin with care and no side effects. The Luxorian K – Wart is helpful to treat facial warts as well. The formula is made up of natural products with no artificial ingredients in it like colourant, additives, chemicals or drugs etc. The Luxorian K – Wart has helped thousands of customers by delivering clear and guarantee results. You can now easily remove warts with no painful or expensive treatments and with the surety of no side effects by using Luxorian K – Wart.
\nThe Luxorian K – Wart is a highly concentrated formula that needs only a few drops of the product for each application. The Luxorian K – Wart contains natural products that have a powerful impact on warts and can easily washout all problems from roots. The product starts working quickly with just one application but the process may take time based on the number and size of warts.