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Glutex Plus

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GLUTEX PLUS powerful and mild formula penetrates deep into skin pores. It works to improve skin's appearance by removing all impurities from skin. GLUTEX PLUS is gentle and soothing, it is the secret of skin lightening. Its effectiveness is the result of wonderful formula that is very dominant for skin lightening and soothing. Concentrated levels of glutathione and vitamin C join together to soothe and protect the skin, it also exfoliates the skin and decrease melanin production. GLUTEX PLUS brings all the benefits of strong melanin. The vitamin C in the GLUTEX PLUS help to inhibit the production of Melanin in the skin and prevent from further damage caused by the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The ingredients in the GLUTEX PLUS also help to repair and lighten sun damage or pigmentation. GLUTEX PLUS is completely safe and works with your own melanin production to achieve a glowing and even complexion.