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Antilice Shampoo

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Sick of using oils, The Clinic Lahore offers Luxorian Anti-lice Shampoo to deal with your head lice and nit problem within few minutes. All what you need to do is to wash your hair for 5 minutes with Luxorian Anti-lice Shampoo. The Luxorian Anti-lice Shampoo will leave you effective, safe and shining hair with no head lice. Luxorian Anti-lice Shampoo is a lice treatment shampoo that is available to be used for any skin type and for people of any age. It helps you to get rid of head lice permanently and make sure that they do not attack you ever again. Luxorian Anti-lice Shampoo is made up of ingredients like Lindane, Permethrin, Malathion that can make your hair stronger and scalp clean to help you walk confidently in the public. The product is safe for children and is effective equally in men and women.