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Antilice Lotion

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Having a problem with head lice and Nits? You need not worry anymore. The Clinic Lahore offers Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion that is simple to use, safe and effective. Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion helps you get rid of head lice in just a few minutes and its regular use will leave you with no more lice in your head. Opposite to other lice removal tonic and shampoo you do not need to keep applying Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion every second day. Its results are long-lasting and guarantee to leave you with shining and healthy hair. The Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion work fast to help you get rid of the head lice as well as their eggs. The Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion prevents the re-infestation of head lice and eggs for more than 2 weeks, after the first application. This duration is longer than any other competing anti-lice lotion.  At the same time, it is perfectly fit for children of younger age, leaving them with no skin infection, hair damage or any other problem. The ingredients in Luxorian Anti-lice Lotion includes; Permethrin making it effective in lesser time. it works right in the roots of the problem, eradicating the lice from the root and making sure that no lice or nits are left in the scalp.