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Anavit is a clinically proven formula for nourishing skin, hair and nails. The product contains high quality and essential ingredients including; Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc to help you have a healthy looking hair, nail and skin. Anavit is helpful in bringing the actual and fairest tone of your skin leaving fewer signs of wrinkles and spots. It helps to boost the overall health of your skin and hair by eliminating the factors that result in causing damage to these sensitive body parts. The Clinic Lahore, along with a wide range of products and services for skin and hair care, offers Anavit to help you improve your health and look from head to toe. Anavit is trusted by dozens of physicians and dermatologists and is recommended by the stylists. The product is leveraged with the innovative scientific research. The dosage can be recommended on the basis of the damage caused to the hair or the current state of the hair.